5 Reasons why Juicing is essential this Spring/Summer




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 Now that the weather has started to get noticeably warmer, and as we start thinking about holidays and the dreaded bikini bod, we can get overwhelmed at the thought of diets & gyms and end up feeling like grabbing some not so healthy snacks had heading into hibernation until it is all over.



If you are starting to feel like maybe a lifestyle change is in order, now is the best time to get motivated and make the move! Studies have shown that the warm weather puts us in a better mood and mindset and we are actually less likely to give up on our health and fitness goals. Bonus!



Drinking Raw, Unpasteurised, non-processed, Cold Pressed Juice in the form of a cleanse or swapping a meal for a juice a few times a week, can give us the boost we need to make permanent life style changes in favour of our health and happiness.



Our Juice is SUPER dense in nutrients and can boost your mood, energy levels, digestive system and helps keep at bay, any nasty illness causes bugs.



Here are our Top Five benefits of Drinking more Juice this spring/summer :


  1. Ditch that Holiday Weight

We are all guilty of overindulging in the winter months and it can be soooo difficult to get back on track. A juice cleanse is the PERFECT way to kick start the healthy diet again. Our juices kick start the metabolism, cleanse and refresh the body and get you back to your pre-holiday best. One of our regular juice loving mums lost 1/2 Stone on her 3 day cleanse and she felt ammazzingg.

We recommend a Grapefruit and Pineapple juice to get that metabolism burning.

 2. Boost  Antioxidants



Drinking Cold Pressed Juice helps to boost the bodies natural defences as they are packed with lovely antioxidants which protect our bodies from horrible free radicals and illness causing bugs. This will help you keep on top from for reaching your fitness goals this spring/summer.

Carrot Juice is packed with these antioxidants.



   3. Glowing Skin, Glossy Hair and Enviable Nails



The stresses of modern life, overworking ourselves and general change in weather can play havoc with our skin hair and nails (you too boys): Not a good look. Increasing your juice intake is a sure fire way to get them back to their beautiful natural state.

Cucumber Juice is excellent for boosting collagen production and tissue repair. It also contains antioxidants which fight the free radicals that causing skin ageing and acne. 



   4. Beat the Bloat and Aid your Digestive System



A juice cleanse, or simply having a juice in place of a 1 meal a day, work wonders for reducing bloating and allowing the body a much needed break. Your body is working constantly to keep you in working order and constantly digesting food is tiring! When humans were hunter gatherers we sometimes went without food for days, even weeks! Our culture has changed drastically to become focused around eating and giving the body a break from digesting food helps the gut to heal. Freshly Cold pressed juices are high in potassium and carotenoids that can help strengthen the digestive system.

One such fabulous digestive boosting, belly-bloat beating juice is Apple juice, as it contains lots of lovely enzymes which break down food and speed uo the metabolism. Hooray!



5. Energy Booster and Mood Lifter



Did you know that a diet low in potassium can often cause you to have low energy and irritable moods? Drinking juices with potassium high foods can actually give you more energy and get you smiling again.

Try any juice with cold pressed spinach and watch that energy rise.



If you, like us , find yourself too busy to be constantly cooking and you find it difficult to eat all those fruits and veg they tell us to consume, juicing is the perfect way to get those super important nutrients into your system.

But, juicing is expensive and time consuming right? So let us do it for you! 


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Have a fabulous day,

Sinead, Clean & Press

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