The Green Cleanse


So you’ve cleansed, you love it and you want to become even more experienced. Are you vegan or wanting to try the vegan lifestyle? Then our Green Cleanse is the perfect way to start.

This Green Cleanse includes 4 nutrient-rich green juices a day, 1 Cucumber Cleansing Water & a Green Salad.

The most intense cleanse of the C&P range, it is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll, restore your alkaline balance and seriously rest your insides. This cleanse goes much deeper, to a cellular level and leaves you feeling brand spanking new.

The Green Cleanse provides the cleanest way of juicing as it omits certain foods that would otherwise slow the detoxification process; certain foods that are used in our other cleanses, such as carrot/apple/beet and other fruits with a higher glycemic index have been removed to keep your blood glucose levels steady. The Green Cleanse focuses on juices that trigger detox such as green vegetables which act as healers.

This cleanse is lighter in terms of calories, fats & proteins (reduction in milks & increase in greens). A bolder step and a manageable detoxifying cleanse.

The Cleanse

Green 1, Water 4, Green 2, Green 3, Green Salad, Green 1.

G1 500ml – Your early morning wake-up call!! Have this first thing when you get up before you do anything, to get your system fighting those nasties you want to eliminate.

W4 500ml – Make sure you have this early on in your day, as cucumber is a great natural cleanser.

G2 500ml – Another digestive booster, to keep your system constantly ridding toxins throughout the day.

G3 500ml – Give yourself an afternoon lift with this slightly sweeter green juice. It will help boost your chlorophyll levels and restore your energy levels.

Green Salad – The goal of the salad is to keep your calories coming from natural sources (no artificial ingredients should be added, including artificial salad dressing).

G1 250ml – Have this before bed so overnight your body can detoxify and neutralise from the great source of polypeptides the juice provides.

1 day Green Cleanse 30.00

3 day Green Cleanse 90.00


Before starting your cleanse it is essential you prepare the body. This is very important and will help tremendously during the cleanse. Some foods interfere with your livers ability to detoxify your body, impairing the detox. We recommend eliminating your intake of alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars, nicotine, dairy, wheat, animal products and processed foods. We know this is a lot to ask but don’t worry, slowly decrease these over a period of 3-5 days to wean yourself off. Don’t panic though, there are plenty of other foods to eat during this time. Introduce more raw foods – we offer a selection of raw and vegan foods for you to try – and our superfood smoothies will help prepare you. Your body should then be primed and ready to absorb all the live vitamins and nutrients over the course of the cleanse. Your body will thank you if you prepare properly!!!


During your cleanse

While you are cleansing, we recommend you drink plenty of water. As soon as you wake up, drink a big glass of water with fresh lemon. Adding lemon to your water helps boost your metabolism, aids digestion and helps your body absorb calcium. Plus its super alkalizing!! We have also included our energising wellness tonic to encourage healthy digestion and give you a little boost in the day.



Our juices are cold pressed, fresh every morning. This process is designed to maintain the fiber and nutrients of all the ingredients in the best possible way. The shelf life of a juice is 2 – 3 days. Once opened we recommend consumption within 12 hours.


Finishing your cleanse

Upon finishing the cleanse you will most likely feel a renewed sense of energy – thanks to ridding of toxins, a noticeable decrease in cravings, and a side effect of weight loss. Our cleanse allows you to transition back to a healthy diet, slowly adding back in the items we suggest cutting out before you started.


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